2nd BCKFS 2019

2nd BCK Film Symposium 2019

2nd Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium 2019

The 2nd BCK Film Symposium was held in Athens, Greece, from October 4th till October 12th 2019.

The Symposium featured film screenings, open discussions, projections, art installations and performances – on the broader concept of “Localities” – by invited film collectives, filmmakers, art practitioners and theorists, who are active and have already presented their work in a variety of locations around Greece and around the world.

All sections and screenings during the 2nd BCK Film Symposium are open to the public/admission-free.

Organised & Curated by Balkan Can Kino

LANGUAGE: Presentations, Q&As, discussions, etc. during the Symposium are be held in Greek and/or in English. The organisers and/or invited guests do their best to provide simultaneous interpreting to the audience as needed. Films will be screened in O.V. with English subtitles


in Metaxourgio
Art Lab Kino 28 *
MEME Gallery Athens
Typografeio *
* under the roof of Communitism , 28 Kerameikou str., Metaxourgeio

in Kypseli
KET – TV Control Centre Cultural Space
Meteoritis Bookstore

Invited organisations

Rufy’s Films, an independent film production house and collective based in Alexandria, Egypt. Their first collaborative film as well as selected short films are presented during the Symposium.

Bideodromo International Experimental Film & Video Festival, Bilbao, Spain, presents a selection of films by Basque artists from curated by Txema Agiriano.

Video Art Miden, an independent organisation for the exploration and promotion of video art and one of the first international video art festivals established in Greece – joining the Symposium for the second year in a row.

Pugnant Film Series, a nonprofit organisation that organises screenings of underground, dada & auteur cinema in Athens & Greece – also joining the Symposium for the second year in a row.

Part of the Solution, an informal group of artists, cinematographers, film technicians and friends, involved in the making of video-campaigns, bringing forward situations often undermined or distorted in the public discourse.

Co-Hab Athens, an open group and exchange platform for urban researchers, activists and anyone interested in claiming housing as a right and exploring alternative housing models through self-management and collective ownership.

Goethe-Institut, the screenings of the short films’ collections Europoly & African Metropolis, as well as the section “Portraits of the Greek Immigrant”, comprising the feature films Ghettokids & Soul Kitchen, are organised with the support of Goethe-Institut.

Invited Participants

Furthermore, the Symposium especially welcomes the participation and support of filmmakers, artists and curators: 

Txema Agiriano
Giorgos Efthymiou
Panagiotis Evangelidis
Vaso Georgiadou
Sofia Grigoriadou
Zacharias Mavroeidis
Alyssa Moxley
Stéphane Charpentier
Antonis Tolakis
Annie Tsevdomaria
Danielle Zorbas