#3BCKFS | Q&A with director Fehmi Öztürk (FREE FUN)

Q&A with Fehmi Öztürk, director of the film
Free Fun, 5’ | 2019 | Fiction
***3rd Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium

Unfolding the Layers: Shorts from Turkey *Curated by Zehra Cerrahoğlu
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Can you introduce yourself a little bit? How did you start to make short films?  
I was born in Cyprus in 1985. I graduated from the cinema department of Dokuz Eylül University in 2007. I worked as an assistant in several TV series for many years, then I became a series director. Most filmmakers will try to enter the TV sector to make short films in Turkey. I have done just the opposite; I made my first short film and then became a director of TV series. This is more like me. I care about the short film.

Free Fun is a film that handles LGBTTI + individuals in a very different style. Could you tell us a little bit about your chosen narrative style and how this style has been shaped?
 The splendor of the interior in Middle Eastern countries like Turkey where people are forced to hide all the time. Community pressure is too great. When I asked myself how this splendor manifests itself in a “free space”, the answer shaped the style of the film.

How do young filmmakers make films in Turkey? What kind of possibilities they have today and what are the difficulties they encounter?
There have been many successful films made recently. Many things have been tried and this is very positive. Technically, there are many possibilities here, especially in Istanbul, but securing funding for short films is really difficult. Usually funds are through donations. We used all our own money to make the movie. It was difficult to find support and we wanted to do it right away.

Could you tell us about your future plans and projects?
This is part of a “family trilogy”. Each film has a different topic. The first film “Free Fun” is about a father, the second film “A Mother’s Sonata” is about a mother, and if we find funds for making the third film, “ The Very Bizarre Story of an Unofficial Family”, will be about a child.

*Q&A conducted by Zehra Cerrahoğlu & Balkan Can Kino