#3BCKFS | Q&A with Ivana Todorović (ADEM’S ISLAND)

Q&A with Ivana Todorović , director of the film
Adem’s Island, 13’ | Serbia | 2019 | Documentary
***3rd Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium

Free Zone Belgrade Human Rights Film Festival Showcase
*Guest-Curator: Branka Pavlović
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How did you meet Adem?
I met Adem on the island of Ada Medjica in the summer of 2007 and made a short film about his life on the river. I made the film while attending the Ateliers Varan documentary summer school in Belgrade.
Adem became my friend – a father figure with whom I liked to talk about life and to spend time on the island.  I met his daughter Ivana, who was one year younger than me and we became friends too. For years we had beautiful moments all together on the island, listening to music, making food, and doing garden work.

How did the process of working on the film go as it is a very painful topic?
Ivana died four months before I lost my father. I was overcome with sadness.  I was very often at Ada Medjica island and talking with Adem about pain and grief.  One day, I realized this is the film I must make, how we live in everyday life with a sadness in us after we lost our loved one? Especially, how a parent can live with grief after his daughter committed suicide?
I talked with Adem about making the film and he agreed, that for both of us it would be a therapeutic process.
My crew, consisting of Maša Drdnić (DP from Rijeka, Croatia), Radiša Cvetković (sound mixer from Belgrade, Serbia), and I spent two weeks living on the island. It was the best way to assimilate into Adem’s life and to observe.

What does it mean to you to be a socially engaging author today?
It means that I must tackle the topics that are not discussed enough in our society. It’s my mission in life to open up dialog and get conversations started.

*Q&A conducted byBranka Pavlović & Balkan Can Kino