BALKAN CAN KINO is a collectively run project promoting cinema, founded by film professionals in 2017 in Athens, Greece. 

The project consists of: 

– a year-long film festival, screening movies by open call or invitation in different venues in Athens and around Greece

– a film symposium, organised on an annual basis

– a lab, offering film education in the form of workshops, discussions and lectures for adults and kids

Access to all of BCK educational activities is at low cost and all screenings are completely free of charge.

Film programming focuses on alternative approaches to cinema and audiovisual art in order to showcase diversity. Up to this point, 4500 films have been submitted to the open calls of  BCK Film Festival, including shorts and features, fiction, documentaries, experimental and animation. So far, more than 400 films have been screened as part of curated programmes, in various venues in Athens and around Greece. 

The BCK Film Symposium is an annual event that has already taken place in 2018 and 2019 in Athens. For about 10 days, the Symposium features film screenings, panels, workshops, exhibitions, presentations and round table discussions on technical and creative processes by artists, filmmakers and organizations from Greece and abroad. 

The aim of BCK Lab is to make film education accessible by organizing low cost or free of charge workshops, in-depth discussions & lectures about the cinematic art and the film industry. We want to assist individuals in learning film production, multimedia development, and supporting role skills. The objective is to provide hands-on opportunities for participants to develop practical skills for the film and media industry.