Animated movies for teenagers. Short film selection | 03 Jul. 2020

Balkan Can Kino animation for teens ometeoritis

FRIDAY 03 Jul. 2020
at 21.00
O Meteoritis bookstore, Fokionos Negri 68, Kypseli, Athens

Balkan Can Kino presents at the independent bookstore O Meteoritis a selection of contemporary short animated films for teenagers, from all over the world. Each film showcases a different animation technique.

Free Entrance


1. The Fall of Rome 23′
Dir. Balázs Turai
Hungary, 2018

After the Great War, the few survivors huddle together in the post-apocalyptic paradise of the Dome. There they continue to worry about inflation, interior furnishing and the hordes of mutant frog-people waiting at the gates. Despite the danger, the children of Carl venture outside the Dome and confront the Enemy.

2. ST(R)AY 9′
Dir. Chiang Yao
Taiwan, 2017

A camel, on a quest to find his missing wife in the desert, faces the dilemma of chasing his treasure or continuing his journey.

3. And yet we’re not super heroes 12′
Dir. Lia Bertels
Belgium, 2019

It takes time to grow up. And sometimes you even wonder if it’s really worth it… Then the children move slowly, at their own pace, the time to tame the world that awaits them. On the way, they ask questions and invent answers using their overflowing imagination.

4. The Color of the Stars 13′
Dir.Paul Uhlig
Germany, 2019

Four little aliens are confronted with the invasion of a robot army, trying to steal a the color in the universe. They narrowly escape the attack on their home planet, but the real adventure hasn’t even begun.

5. War For Keyboard Warriors 3′
Dir. Lam Can-zhao
China, 2019

The Keyboard Warrior seeks to use the power imbued in his ‘weapon’ to effect death and destruction upon his foes. In essence, the keyboard allows the keyboard warrior to manifest his true warrior nature in a safe and removed environment, from which no real-life repercussions.