Break the silence. Music documentaries | 17 Jul. 2020

BCK break the silence ometeoritis

FRIDAY 17 Jul. 2020
at 21.00
O Meteoritis bookstore, Fokionos Negri 68, Kypseli, Athens

Balkan Can Kino presents two music documentaries focusing on the liberating power of music. Inspired disruptors and talented amateurs share the stage in this program: they struggle to live, to get by, to resist, thinking their task would be easier if they have music on their side.

Free entrance


1. Lost Bodies by Giannis Misouridis
Documentary, 33′, 2010

Thanos, 52, is a prospective pensioner, currently unemployed. Antonis, 51, is a part- time utility meter reader and a take-out deliveryman. Masquerading behind their band, iconic under grounders the Lost Bodies, they’ve made a life out of ignoring the system, seeking refuge in a musical fringe of their own devising, a place full of experimentation, surrealism and fun.

2. Rudbeats Drumline by Nikos Vassilopoulos
Documentary, 70’, 2018
United by a shared love of music, fifteen very different people meet in the percussion group RudbeatsDrumline. Rehearsal hours are long and collaboration is needed in order to achieve the common goal. The camera follows the members of the group and catches glimpses of their everyday life, while capturing their relationship with music and studying the way the team reaches its final objective by working in a collective fashion.