Colors. Animation Night | 10 Jul. 2020

FRIDAY 10 Jul. 2020
at 21.00
O Meteoritis bookstore, Fokionos Negri 68, Kypseli, Athens

An animation screening for kids and adults. A film selection from different countries around the world, from India to Mexico, based on the variety and liveliness of their colors.

Free Entrance.


1. Picnic Slick Trick 1’
Dir. Zach Mekelburg
United States, 2017

A man on a picnic is interrupted by a squirrel

2. Coco’s Day 4’ 20’’
Dir. Tatiana Moshkova
Russian Federation, 2017

Meet Coco, a little boy crocodile who hides from blizzards, explores underwater worlds and even turns into Godzilla – and all inside one flat!

3. About a wall 2’ 40’’
Dir. Hermes Mangialardo
Italy, 2015

Two children wants to play together, but a wall grow up and create a frontier…

4. My Little Boys – Couch 3’ 38’’
Dir. Jack Shih
Taiwan, 2018

The little boy discovered the aged couch in the living room with an already dented hole on the surface, curious as he is, he made it his personal storage, stuffing all kinds of snacks and toys. He plans a secret space exploration along with his dog Donnie, transforms the couch into a super spaceship…

5. Antarctic 3’ 00’’
Dir. Paola de Sousa
France, 2019

A seal and a pinguin’s trip from New-Zealand to Antarctica

6. Little Coscmic Shore 3’ 32’’
Dir. Pavel Kungurov
Russian Federation, 2019

A spaceship lands on a lonely island. The pilot is the researcher, and he immediately starts to scan the area with high-tech equipment for signs of life. Meanwhile, his child, the toddler, just walks around the island and has some fun.

7. TABOO. 1’ 40’’
Dir. Sagar Chogale
India, 2019

In this short film it is shown that how majority of people try to deceive a persons belief or his/her point of view by stating that he/she is wrong but that individual being right at his/her own place. It also shows that people not only try to convince to behave like them but also force you to do the same inspite you trying to do something different.

8. Tongue Tied 1’ 43’’
Dir. Alexandra Melnyk, GB Pooky
Canada, 2019

A futuristic Sci-Fi race comes to a close as three racers duke it out for first place. Between a legendary tiger pilot, a cat in a giant mech, and a frog in over their head, who will take it?

9. Exposed 2’ 55’’
Dir. YaLin Yu
United States, 2019

Joyce, a girl who got cancer and become bald is afraid of facing her friend because of her appearance, so her imaginary wig monster friend is trying to help her out.

10. Balance 3’ 38’’
Dir. Raymond Limantara Sutisna
Singapore, 2018

“There isn’t enough room for the both of us.” Two painters battle out what space they have to paint in their own style.

11. The Greenish 7’ 31’’
Dir. Dora Martinkova
United Kingdom, 2018

The animation story ‘The Greenish’ has a refugee related theme.�It is a virtual collaboration between the refugee children of Moria camp and Malorees Junior School children (London).

12. Yikásdáhí – Awaits the Dawn 7’ 35’’
Dir. Gabriela Clar
Argetina, 2019

When the time comes to create the sky chart, the Black God takes his blueprints and a sack filled with stars to set about creating the constellations. But things get complicated when his actions catch the eye of Coyote, a troublemaker who thinks any excuse is good enough to make some mischief. Based on a Navajo legend.

13. Homba. Footprints in the sand 7’ 49’’
Dir. Anton Kalchenko
Russian Federation, 2019

Drought came to the world of Homba. One need to leave the house to find water. Homba meets strange prints in sand and follows them.