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  1. 2017

    In 2017, the first year of the group’s operation, a series of screenings was organized on the theme “Retrospectiva: Women in Greek Filmography”, while in December 2017, Balkan Can Kino hosted “The Unseen Movies Festival”, organized by the Greek collectivity of the Pugnant Film Series.

  2. 2018

    In 2018, screenings were held almost every Friday and Saturday on the ground floor of Communitism in Metaxourgeio, with different themes and genres of filmmaking, and there were tributes to filmmakers with a live Q&A. In April, the group hosted the Trashxploitation Short Film Festival from Paris, France. In May 2018, the group organized a three-day stop-motion animation workshop with free contribution and three films were created by the 15 participants. In July of the same year, Balkan Can Kino participated in “Our Festival” at the Theatre of Rematia with screenings and a stop-motion animation workshop for children. In November 2018, the group traveled to Thessaloniki for two days where they organized film and video art screenings in art spaces and cafes in the city.

    The 1st BCK Film Symposium took place from 2-11 November 2018, hosted in the premises of the Communitism building in Metaxourgeio. During the symposium there were film screenings as well as lectures, discussions and workshops with film professionals such as Giorgos Tseberopoulos, Antonis Tolakis, Pavlos Mavrikidis, Dimitris Panagopoulos, and film theorist Flavia Dima. In addition, a panel discussion was organized by the Institute of Experimental Arts, as well as a workshop by the Iranian artist Rosh Zeeba, and there was a presentation of the Video Art Miden festival from Kalamata, the Berlin film school filmArche and the school for migrants and refugees “Farzad Kamangar” in Athens. Finally, throughout the Symposium, a photography exhibition was presented in collaboration with the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Media of the School of Applied Arts of the University of West Attica at the MΕME Gallery.

  3. 2019

    In 2019, screenings dedicated to world days such as the Holocaust, the occupation in Greece were organized, while the whole of March was dedicated to films by female directors or with female protagonists. In addition, there were screenings dedicated to persons such as Katerina Gogou and directors such as the three-day retrospective on Panagiotis Evaggelidis and the screening of the film “Kaliarda” by Paola Revenioti. Furthermore, in 2019, a scriptwriting workshop was organized by the filmmaker Iben Ravn, while the team traveled to Rethymno, Crete, and organized screenings for adults and children as well as a film workshop for children at Artspace Geppetto. In addition, the group participated with screenings and a lecture on women in cinema during the “2YKFF Yunan Sinemasında Çeşitlilik” festival in Izmir, Turkey, and participated in a roundtable on “Post cinema, Mobile Cinema, Arthouse Cinema” during the “Critics’ Week” in Berlin.


    The 2nd BCK Film Symposium took place from October 4 to October 12 in different locations and venues in Athens, such as the TV Control Center, the bookstore “O Meteoritis” and the “Art Lab Kino 28” and the “Typography” of Communitism. Its theme was the broad concept of “LOCALITIES” (#area, #neighborhood, #part, #place, #location, #neighborhood, #community, #settlement, #place, #point, #space, #scenery, #location, etc. ) and included short and feature films, open discussions, screenings, art installations and performances – on the theme of “Localities” – by guest collectives of filmmakers, filmmakers, artists and theorists, who are active and have presented their work in various locations in Greece and around the world. Indicatively, collaborations with the Goethe Institute of Athens, the film production company from Alexandria, Egypt “Rufy’s Films”, the “Bideodromo International Experimental Film & Video Festival” from Bilbao, Spain, the Video ArtMiden, the Part of the Solution, the Co-hab Athens, as well as the Pugnant Film Series.

  4. 2020

    In 2020, screenings were organized both in Athens and outside Attica, such as at Panjika Cafe in Leonidio and at Artspace Geppetto, in Rethymno, Crete. In May, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Balkan Can Kino team created an online festival entitled “Habitats” and presented four feature-length documentaries on the concept of space and Q&A with the filmmakers in a live broadcast. At the same time, filmmakers whose films had been screened at previous events and festivals of the group, shared their films freely with the Balkan Can Kino audience through the group’s Facebook page.


    The 3rd BCK Film Symposium, due to the covid-19 pandemic, was held online from 16-24 October and had the Balkans as its theme. Alongside the online screenings, a photo exhibition was set up in various parts of the city of Athens entitled “The Balkans today”, presenting “The present of a wounded landscape” curated by BCK and photographer Penelope Thomaidou. The team collaborated with international Greek and foreign festivals, such as the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival, the Free Zone Human Rights Film Festival, the Balkans Beyond Borders, the Pugnant Film Series and the curator Zehra Cerrahoğlu under the auspices and funding of the Goethe Institute. The symposium included screenings curated by the team as well as the invited festivals, a special screening dedicated to Stavros Tsiolis and Greek filmmakers Constanza Kapsali and Christina Foivi, followed by Q&As with filmmakers in a live broadcast. Finally, the group organized during the Symposium the round table entitled “The F*Word-Creating a chain of emerging female filmmakers” dedicated to female directors, producers and film theorists from the Balkans, as well as two online workshops entitled “Young Curators” and “Young Critics”; 15-20 people participated in each workshop.


  5. 2021

    In 2021, two online screenings of experimental films and documentaries dedicated to “Mighty Women” and by female filmmakers entitled “As a woman I have no country” were organized in March. In the same month, Balkan Can Kino participated in Research Cluster #3: Entangled Resistances, of the group “To Okto”. In the summer of 2021, the group participated with a curated program in the “Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival – What is Identity?” and also organized the screening of the festival in Athens at Chimeres art space in Kolonos. Last but not least, Balkan Can Kino participated with a curated program in the Waste/d / Film festival organized by the “Temporary Academy of Arts” on 13-14.6.2021, at State of Concept Athens.


    The 4th BCK Film Symposium took place from 8-16 October 2021 in the city of Athens and was organized by the Balkan Can Kino team and FLP Athens Civil Non-Profit Company ( under the auspices and funding of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Its aim was to give a platform to women creators to showcase their work and talk about it. The programme included short and feature films from different genres of filmmaking (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental) and a special tribute to Greek women filmmakers. In addition, there was a presentation and screening of works from women’s film collectives by Invisible Women, a tribute to the German animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Athens, a tribute to the Franco-Egyptian artist Susu Laroche curated by the Pugnant Film Series and a tribute to Romanian experimental cinema curated by Flavia Dima. The video installation “THE F* WORD: Screens in loop”, presented 27 contemporary experimental films, video art works and animated films created by women filmmakers from 16 different countries, and played on four screens in a loop at Zoetrope. In addition, selected programmes from the Symposium were presented online on a specially designed platform, free of charge for the public. Finally, the Symposium also included two workshops with free admission, “Young Critics/Young Curators” and “Representations of the Female Body”. The collaborating institutions and persons were. The screening venues of the Symposium were: Astor Cinema, Goethe Institute, Chimeres, Zoetrope.


  6. 2022

    In 2022, BCK participated in the three-member jury of the film festival “Petit Plan – Europa III” held 8-13.2.2022 in Athens. From April to September 2022, the BCK Pop Up Film Festival was organized in different venues in Athens, (Chimeres art space, Zoetrope, KET, P – Space of Movements, Solidarity and Culture) screening 40 films with different themes and filmmaking techniques, experimental, animation, documentary, queer fantasy and fiction. Also, on 4 December 2022, BCK participated in the Balkans Beyond Borders festival, coordinating the Q&A with the filmmakers of the “Diary” programme of the competition section.


    The 5th BCK Film Symposium took place from 19-16 November 2022 in the city of Athens and was organized by the Balkan Can Kino team and  FLP Athens Civil Non-Profit Company under the auspices and funding of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The theme of the 5th Symposium was “DECOLONISE”, i.e. the concept of decolonization in cinema and the arts. The programme included short and feature films from different genres of filmmaking (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental) on specific thematic areas such as for example Hydrosociality and Post Mythology, the concept of the nation-state and ethnic groups such as the Roma, but also on specific countries or continents such as Hong Kong, Africa, America and Oceania. Alongside the physical screenings, online screenings were organized during the same period, with five curated programmes on the concept of “DECOLONISE”, which were accessible to the public from the Symposium’s website on a 24-hour basis. Other parallel activities of the Symposium were the sound installations, which lasted for three days and were curated by Our Stories, an oral history project of migration to Greece in the 1970s and 1980s, and Queer Athens, a bilingual interview series (podcasts) sharing stories and experiences of Greek LGBTQ+ people from the 1960s to the present day. On the same days, Zoetrope also hosted the video installation “DECOLONISE: SCREENS IN LOOP”, which included six screens with programs curated by the BCK team, where a total of 41 short films were screened.  In addition, two open discussions were organized with the collaboration of Generation 2.0 and had as themes the daily life of people from the African community in Greece and issues of citizenship and identity, as well as an open discussion with the participation of artists and journalists, on the topic “Inclusion and political correctness in the arts and public discourse”, which was broadcasted live by Fade Radio. In addition, Fade Radio created a collage of sound files of films screened during the Symposium, which was broadcast on Fade Radio and on the Balkan Can Kino website. Finally, an open Masterclass was organized by Dr. Mina Karavanta, Associate Professor at the Department of English Language and Literature (NKUA), which focused on the works of video artist John Akomfrah. During the Symposium, a total of 100 films were screened. Collaborating partners of the 5th Symposium were Divina Comedia, Rabbit Travelogue, Our Stories, Queer Athens, Generation 2.0 and Fade Radio. The screening venues were: KET, P – Space of Movements, Solidarity and Culture, Zoetrope, Bios and Cinemarian.

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