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BCK Pop Up Film Festival 24 – 25 starts and will last from March 2024 to September 2025 and will present, in and out of Athens, short and feature films, of contemporary, Greek and international production, of all genres, from Balkan Can Kino’s open call, in collaboration with cultural spaces and organizations / groups. All screenings are admission free. Films are screened in their original language with English subtitles.



Online Screenings

Since October 7 2023, more than 31.819 Palestinians have been killed and about 73.934 people have been injured. More than 70.000 houses have been destroyed and 1,7 million people have been displaced. Hospitals are barely functioning, whole neighborhoods are wiped out, food and water have turned into luxury goods, there is no electricity, medicines are scarce, kids are buried under the ruins, families are dismembered and people have turned into living ghosts. 

Τhe cruel images of the Palestinians’ daily life, that circulate in the internet, are like scenes from an apocalyptic film. The feelings of desperation, grief and injustice are like tsunamis that overwhelm any sane person who thinks “Why don’t they declare a ceasefire????” Despite of the worldwide protests, the International Community stands neutral in front of yet another genocide, since political interests and geopolitical alliances seem to be more important than human lives.

The online screening “Cease fire now” is dedicated to the perennial struggle of the Palestinians to live peacefully in their ancestral land. At the same time, it is a screening dedicated to the women and girls of Palestine, with two films from a female director and activist, who focuses on their daily struggle for survival, equal rights and the need to dream.

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