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PreLab Tzortz 11, 10682, Exarcheia | 15.10.2023 | 21.30 | Admission Free

“I guess this personal hide-and-seek is not unusual. 

And some people are ‘it’ all their lives – hopelessly ‘it’.”

John Steinbeck, East of Eden

In what ways does one find again, or for the first time, the strength to imagine a future that includes oneself? In this BCK programme, filmmakers from Scandinavia and northern Russia, as well as from the Balkans and the Mediterranean, inhabit this programme. Their films converse through an imaginary line they all draw–a line that attempts to trace affinities and ruptures between the collective past and present. 

  It is a tracing that involves much loneliness (or the fear of it), a sense of not belonging and, at times, a fall. In no way, however, is it surrendered to nostalgia. On the contrary, it is involved in a game of hide-and-seek, as the individual is invited to pass through cracks in time that have now been forgotten or silenced, to listen to their invisible aspects and to (re)find, at last, a new clearing.

Long Time No Techno

Eugenia Bakurin | Germany | Experimental/Music Video | 2022 | 03’44”

The footage used in the video comes from the archive of the Odessa Film Studio, which was the first film studio established in the Russian Empire. During the Soviet era, many films were shot there, which shaped the childhood of millions of people. However, today the film studio, like many other cultural monuments in Ukraine, is threatened with destruction by the Russian army.

Caution, People

Nikita Katsev | Russian Federation | Documentary/Experimental | 2022 | 09’45”

Two are locked in the apartment on the eve of Victory Day. Where others see fireworks, they hear explosions and air raid alerts.


Lights out! 

Miikka Niskanen | Finland | Documentary/Experimental | 2023 | 02’19”

When the lights go out in the city.

The Lullaby

Ivan Petrovic | Switzerland | Documentary/Experimental | 2020 | 07’21” 

During a gloomy night an elderly woman finds herself in a room filled with moonlight, wandering through her memories, which date back to her childhood in former Yugoslavia. Her memories unveil piece by piece the story of an unfulfilled desire and a life that never happened.

Curating the lost (or a feast for creeps)

Pouria Kazemi | Norway | Documentary/Experimental | 2023 | 24’08”

Curating The Lost is an effort to gather and exhibit a trail of lost or abandoned pieces of art. For the past four years, almost every week, I stumbled upon a photo, video, drawing, audio, sculpture, or painting that was abandoned by art students. Most of these objects were left alone in the art school for a long time. I tried to gather them all and exhibit them in this short experimental film. A close look at these items poses questions such as who did this belong to? What was the setting? What were they trying to capture?


Radu-Mihai Tănasă | Romania | Experimental | 2022 | 03’09”

“(scape)Goat” presents a short story about what it feels like to not fully fit in as a Romanian in The Netherlands. The movie follows the journey of one odd, unnamed character that seems to be lost in what seems to be the city of Amsterdam.


Agnieszka Knocińska | Poland | Fiction | 2021 | 04’55”

Vincent and his fish have something unique in common. The day that the man has been waiting for a long time brings with it unexpected events.


Miriam Cossu Sparagano Ferraye | Italy | Documentary | 2021 | 32’00’

Borgo Vecchio, Palermo: we are in the great universe of the Puppets’ Opera from the Sicilian tradition, we are in the small theater-laboratory of the Mancuso family. Carmelo, son of a master puppeteer, lives in this place full of fantasy and imagination. He plays with the verses he has heard so many times during the shows: trying to imitate the grown-up tone of his father’s voice, he gives life to the puppets with arcane dexterity. His eyes shine in that fairy tales’ world, where raw pieces of wood take shape to narrate, as in an eternal return, the chivalrous stories of love and war. Here’s how a young man just at the beginning of a great knowledge makes his way towards his future.