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PreLab Tzortz 11, 10682, Exarcheia | 15.10.2023 | 20.00 | Admission Free

“Happy are those who choose, those who accept being chosen, 

the handsome heroes, the handsome saints, the perfect escapists.”

Julio Cortázar, Hopscotch


In Hopscotch, the Argentinean writer Julio Cortázar blows up the boundaries of linear narrative and logic, to surrender to the imaginary disorder of the Latin American peoples who insist on living in dreamlike solidarity against the necropolitics of their nation-states. The films in this program, born in the heart of Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina, also straddle the hopscotch that Cortázar outlines. 

  With one foot firmly planted in Latin America’s multiple histories of resistance and the other in the magical realism of its collective imagination, the six films in the program, sometimes with more conventional narrative filmmaking devices and sometimes with a purely experimental structure, explore the here and now of trying to live as a street musician, selling your belongings at bazaars to make a month’s worth of money, being a teenager in a village working-class home, being a middle-aged lesbian mourning lost love, finding refuge and love in the company of the drag queens of one of Brazil’s most historic gay clubs, constructing from scratch an entire world to accommodate you.

  Hopscotch, then, to make your own game. Hopscotch to get where you want to go, through trauma and destined, ultimately, to claim the right to coexist and dream.

Lilac Line

Arantxa Pellme | Brazil | Fiction | 2023 | 15’00

Heloísa, a street musician who recently moved from South Brazil to São Paulo, recalls the island she used to live in while trying to figure out what to do with her life. She performs in metro stations, and there she meets a thief who might be able to help her with her career.




The Stands

Ricardo López Prada | Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela | Documentary | 2023 | 14’47”

Amidst the worst migratory crisis that Venezuela has faced, a group of young people in Caracas try to save money in hopes of leaving the country. They organize a garage sale with their belongings but don’t meet success. Despite the failure and economic hardship, typical of the Venezuelan middle class, they continue to meet in the stands of their neighborhood square, a sort of waiting room.



Laís Santos Araújo | Brazil | Fiction | 2022 | 24’00

In opulent, lush scenery a birthday party is being held. Joana longs for her period to start, her brother Dudu misses his absent father, Verbena looks for a way out. Fulfilling your dreams can come with pain in this magical realist glimpse from Brazil.


Julieta Tetelbaum | Argentina | Fiction | 2023 | 11’22”

The film is a journey through the mind of a 65-year-old working-class lesbian who’s addicted to sugar and can’t stop thinking about her ex-girlfriend from youth. She lives with her partner—a mannequin that she’s built to look exactly like her ex. The tragicomic piece delves deep into moments of intimacy, loneliness, sexuality, joy and the desperate longing to be loved.


Julia Balista | Brazil | Experimental | 2022 | 05’00

A sailor loses his anchor and finds it in Salvador, at Carlos Gomes street, number 809.

We still have a lot of aging to do

Bruna Schelb Corrêa | Brazil | Animation/Experimental | 2022 | 9’15”

An old tale tells the story of Alma, who built a street inside her living room.