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MOVING SKETCHES – For little & grown-up children

 Gatos Maurizio | children’s bookstore Eftichidou 6-8, 11635, Pangrati | 21.10.2023 | 18.30 | Admission Free

Five short animation films from Poland, Slovakia, Canada, UK and Mexico, made with imaginative techniques (sawing, collage, play doh, fabric) for small and big children of all ages. Without words, but with enchanting images that are enough to make us feel the beauty of knowledge, friendship and love for ourselves and the others around us. 

The Grand Mother

Julia Hazuka | Poland| Animation | 2022 | 10’

Alternate version of a history about the beginning of the human race. The Great Spideress raises the first human to teach him ways of the world. After reaching adulthood, Mother has a Grand gift for her Son.

Through the Attic’s Eye

Lily Zhang | Canada| Animation | 2023 | 4’33”

Trapped in a derelict attic, a little boy has a choice to make a leap of faith, or stay in the comfort of familiarity.

Ana Morphose

Joao Rodrigues | Portugal | Animation | 2023 | 10’

A little girl reads herself to sleep. As she dozes off, the physical world starts melting into an alternate reality where the contents of a book rule over the laws of physics.

Criss Cross

Nina Rybárová, Tomáš Rybár | Slovakia| Animation | 2023 | 7’59”

 A short embroidered story about friendship and treason between a birdie, a baby goat and a fox. A baby goat helps an injured bird and they become friends. 

Kraina - the land on the edge

Marta Adamowicz, Robert Motyka | UK | Animation | 2023 | 9’52”

Kraina – The Land On the Edge is a short animation made by Marta Adamowicz and Robert Motyka, made in collaboration with members of the Polish community in Edinburgh to explore traditional Slavic art, folklore and myths.


Nicolás Zarco | Mexico | Animation | 2023 | 7’55”

Juana, an old lady, is reunited with her past in the Chinampas of an ancient Xochimilco.