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No Hard Feelings

PreLab Tzortz 11, 10682, Exarcheia | 14.10.2023 | 21.45 | Admission Free

In this autobiographical fiction film, the young protagonist (a second-generation immigrant) and all the characters in the movie (his parents, first-generation immigrants, and the two refugee siblings) seek their right to human existence – and to “playing” the “games” that make life worth living. For the young heroes, this entails the right, necessity, and pursuit, and ultimately the freedom, to dance, sing, flirt, fall in love, form friendships, and enjoy – mentally and physically – all the playfulness and games in life in all their expressions, free in every way.

Sexual Distancing

 Dimitris Asproloupos | Greece | Fiction | 2021 | 16’35’’

Two guys, one deadly virus, a city in quarantine and a lot of sexual desperation. Sexual Distancing is a post teenager queer dramedy about the sex we didn’t have and the way we grew emotionally when all we had was an internet connection

No Hard Feelings (Futur Drei)

Faraz Shariat | Germany | Fiction | 2020 | 92’

Parvis, a confidently out but immature gay young man of Iranian descent living in Germany commits a minor criminal infraction and is sentenced to perform community service at a refugee detention centre, where he falls in love with new immigrant Amon. The film premiered at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival, where it won the Teddy Award for best LGBTQ-themed feature film.



Faraz Shariat is a German-Iranian director. He studied Media Art in order to explore his experiences as a gay, second-generation migrant. He grew up in Cologne, the son of exiled Iranians. His film No Hard Feelings (Futur Drei) debuted in the Panorama section of the 70th Berlinale and went on to win the Teddy Award. He lives and works in Berlin as part of the Jünglinge collective, who work on queer, feminist and anti-racist films