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ZOETROPE  Kimolou 17, 11362, Kispeli | 17,18,19.10.2023 | 17.00 – 20.30 | Admission Free

ZOETROPE hosts the three day installation PLAY-PAUSE-STOP: SCREENS IN LOOP, that includes four screens presenting in total 35 short films curated by members of the BCK team.


Greek video art, animated and experimental films  that break the form and create new narrative fields.

Sun & Shadow

Melina Loukanidou | Greece | Fiction | 2022 | 14’ 30’’ 

There was light and it was brutal. Shadows could not heal. The Boy had fallen into sleep. The Girl was recalling and sand was everywhere.

Hide and Seek

Thodoris Pistiolas | Greece | Experimental | 2023 | 05’ 56” 

A girl asks her lover to find her before the sun sets in a game of hide and seek.


Stergios Mikroutsikos, Ilias Lachanas | Greece | Experimental | 2023 | 14’ 02’’

A romance dies. In its last breath the members of the romance have their last moment of love. The next day a funeral is taking place. The romance is now dead.


Gael Germain, Armande Sanseverino | Greece , France| Experimental  | 2023  | 07’ 33’’

Sisyphus coming back from Tartarus is about to face again the judgment that condemned him for eternity.


Sonia Averchenko, Akrivi Kollia | Greece | Experimental | 2023 | 05’ 00’’

At the indefinite time and the indefinite place the game is always present. You can make your choice. Just be careful where you go because you can never know the outcome.

A.I. made me do it: Ophelia

Gioula Papadopoulou | Greece | Experimental | 2023 | 02’ 23’’

The work “AI made me do it: Ophelia” (2023) is an experimental video, made entirely with images created using the AI system Dalle-2 (OpenAI), with variations of one single image. The initial image was created by Dalle-2 using a text prompt asking the program to generate an Ophelia in the water with flowers. The rest of the images are variations of this first image, as created by the AI generator following different paths of variations each time. The sound was created by AI platform Melobytes, turning that same first image of Ophelia to sound. The final result is based on the randomness and fluidity of the AI generators used, leading to a surreal animation where a classic theme character (Ophelia) meets with weird dreamlike mutations and unexpected futuristic scenes. Ophelia changes identities, gender, attributes and constantly moves away from her stereotypical image and fate, in a fantasy world where everything is possible.

The 10 Commandments

Vasia Abatzi | Greece | Experimental | 2021 | 11’ 28’’

The short film borrows religious recognizable elements and displays some of Orthodox Christianity’s conservative beliefs to parody the patriarchal and misogynistic ideologies that religion often promotes.


Giota Kouitzoglou, Stavroula Koulouri | Greece | Experimental | 2023 | 06’10”

An exploration above our nose.A misjudged heroic figure.A poke in the skies.A lunch among antennas.An awakening lullaby.A take-off game. An unexpected urban tale.


Nikos Branidis, Kathrin Freytag | Greece | Experimental | 2008 | 08’ 00’’

Life happens within the four walls of a tiny bathroom.

Rotting Love

Lampros Kordolaimis | Greece | Animation | 2023 | 08’ 00’’

Eleanor and Sarah are an eighteenth-century couple situated in Antilia. They live isolated in the forest, but soon the outside world will take notice of them.


Giorgos Efthimiou | Greece | Experimental | 2022 | 05’ 00’’

This is a music video for Khavn’s track Ugly.

Moon Landing with a twist

Simos Tokalakis Greece | Animation | 2023 | 03’ 29’’

In 1969 when the first humans went to the moon, they found out something they weren’t expecting. 


Eugenia Charlafti | Greece/Germany |  Animation | 2016

Nociceptors are nerve cell endings that initiate the sensation of pain in response to stimuli with enough intensity to cause tissue damage. This choreographic piece consists of 91 life drawings of a woman  sweeping, as she leads her life as a housewife for a group of 7 artists, sitting perimetrically around her.


Thanasis Karakatsoulis, Soula Apostolaki | Greece | Experimental | 2023 | 05’ 10”

A discussion about the male gaze in modern cinema.


Screen 2 presents a collection of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films about love. What games do future lovers play? Are there limits to these games and if so, what are they? Is the first time hard or is it always hard? Is there an age limit to love? Do social media help love to blossom? These and many more questions are answered in this fun-filled collection of films! 

Playing Feild

Cristina Malo | Spain | Animation | 2023 | 03:10

During a game of table football, two players from opposing teams, named “Number 7” from the purple team and “Number 9” from the yellow team, exchange a competitive look as they fight for the ball, which later becomes the start of a match. An impossible love story. 

Stick of Joy

Brenda Akele Jorde | Germany | Documentary | 2021 | 05:20

Short Doc about the pleasure of pain, of playfulness and trust between two people. We see Jamie and Alexei playing with the Stick of Joy and hear them talk about their experience opening up to new ways of touch and how it influences their daily life.

Waiting for Otto

Conor Toner | UK | Fiction | 2022 | 08:00

In a city full of lovers, Podge walks alone. Feeling ignored by the world around him, he sips a pint and waits for Otto, hoping their date will be the first of many. He’ll be waiting a while…

LA PRIMA VOLTA - istruzioni per l'uso

Lorenzo Trane | Italy | Fiction | 2023 | 05:00

Jacobo is about to lose his virginity and in order not to do anything stupid he has studied on how to prolong an orgasm.

Salone Love

Tajana B Williams | USA | Documentary | 2023 | 05:00

A genre defying scrapbook of opinions and advice about love in Sierra Leone.

Marija + Toma

Eluned Zoë Aiano, Alesandra Tatić, Greta Rauleac | Serbia | Documentary | 2022 | 09:09

Serbian pensioners Marija and Toma found each other in their 60s but are as smitten as teenagers, so much so that they invented a 15-month anniversary to be able to celebrate their love with their friends. The party takes place on the monument that Toma built to commemorate a great personal loss, drawing on the funds he acquired through years of working abroad. On this special day, the happy couple talk us through the lives and loves that led them here. 

Fatih the Conqueror

Onur Yagiz | Turkey | Fiction | 2023 | 15:00

This Saturday is a Turkish wedding day at Espace Venise (France). Huddled in a car in the parking lot, Fatih, 21, wants to get married. He has set his sights on Ipek, Recep’s sister. But neither Murat, his best friend, nor Recep, nor even Ipek are aware of this yet.


The selection features three visually and technically outstanding and playful short animation films exploring the climate crisis. Part of CLIMATE STORIES PLAYLIST – A British Council + Doc Society touring programme.

The Promise 

Chi Thai |  UK | Animation | 2020 |  6’42’’

Based on the book by Nicola Davies & Laura Carlin, The Promise is an urban fairy tale that plays out on the mean streets of a mean city. A young thief tries to snatch an old woman’s bag but she cannot have it without giving something in return: The Promise.

Songs of the Earth

Soumik Datta | UK  | Animation |  2021 | 25’00’’

Songs of the Earth is a film and music album response to climate change, weaving issues from climate migration, extreme weather to ocean pollution, deforestation and sustainable fashion through original narrative, songs and immersive visuals. It follows the story of Asha, a young climate refugee from Bengal, as she searches for her missing father through the flood banks of the Sundarban delta, burning forests and melting polar ice caps, highlighting the plight of the Global South.

The Fourfold

Alisi Telengut | CANADA | Animation | 2022 | 7’14’’

Based on the ancient animistic beliefs and shamanic rituals in Mongolia and Siberia, The Fourfold explores the indigenous worldview and wisdom. With hand-crafted animation, it sets out to reclaim ideas of animism for planetary health and non-human materialities.



“Evil comes from a failure to think. 

It defies thought for as soon as thought tries to engage itself with evil and examine the premises and principles from which it originates, it is frustrated because it finds nothing there. 

That is the banality of evil.”

Hannah Arendt

A poet and activist from the last century, zero-budget Barbies, cyber hackers parachuting in, a dancing plastic bag, a castaway and a crab, workers with colorful hands on a black background, friends playing ball, la vacuum swimmer – all of them coexist on a screen made to play against what Hannah Arendt has called the “banality of evil.” Against the dehumanizing systems of capitalism and totalitarian systems and their archives. Habit becomes a parody and the moving image re-stimulates memory and imagination.

Kharkiv Legends: A Superhero Story

Viktoriia Ivanova, Viktoriia Grivina | Ukraine | Animation/Experimental | 2023 | 08’ 40’’

Filmed in the technique of stop-motion animation, the Superhero Story is a fictionalised biography of Khrystya Alchevska, a Ukrainian poet and a cultural activist of the early 20th century. Based on a real tragedy of Alchevsky family, the film imagines Khrystya as a young vigilante avenging her father. It is part of a series of animations “Khastoria” that retells some of the popular urban legends of Kharkiv city, revealing its history, significant events, introducing the audience to the famous cultural and public figures, whose lives are full of guesses, gossip, legends and anecdotes.


Nika Jurman | Slovenia | Animation | 2022 | 14’ 59’’

An ambitious but somewhat lazy village photographer tries to survive in the big city. To earn some money and shine in a prestigious society, she attends a posh party. Hanging out with the people there, she decides to radically change her life. Can she make it without killing anyone in the process?

We need to talk about Barbie

Dimitra Mitsaki, Kristi Murda | Experimental/Documentary | 2016 | 02’40”

Born in the era of Barbie dolls. Barbie houses, cars, clothes, accessories and Barbie’s boyfriend Ken was in almost every girl’s room. Decades after, specifically in November 2014, Barbie was the cover in Sports Illustrated under the tagline “Unapologetic”, wearing nothing more but her bathing suit. Playing with Barbies is an old habit and the two directors explore their connection to the doll as adults.

Tony's Dilemma

Nathan Asher Sonenfeld | USA | Animation/Experimental | 2023 | 10’27’’

Cyberhacking skydivers are wreaking havoc on Tony’s hometown, and he must choose between the life he loves, and the life he used to live.

A Plastic Bag

Huayi Wu | USA | Animation/Experimental | 2023 | 01’30’’

There is no real freedom in the world. If there is, it belongs to a dancing plastic bag. The basic topic of the film are daily routines being frustrating and boring represented by the car horns honking. However, the bag discovers joy in this and shows it by dancing. Everyone is inspired but that inspiration fades quickly. It shows that freedom is more of a state of mind and we create our freedom.

Lonely Island

Kristie Kish | USA | Animation | 2023 | 04’22’’

Lonely Island is a mixed-media short film about a starving man washed ashore on a mysterious island where he befriends a crab who helps him survive. A nightmarish fever–dream narrative taking place within a collage jungle and painted sea, “Lonely Island” is a tale that reflects humanity and its relationship to the non-human world.


Anne Lucas | Germany | Animation / Experimental | 2022 | 03’21’’

The film begins with a stereotypical factory setting that evolves into an increasingly strange production system.


Ameer Hourani | State of Palestine | Animation | 2023 | 02’00’’

The Palestinian story of resistance, resilience and hope.

Stop war

Anastasiia Guzenkova | Germany | Animation / Experimental | 2023 | 01’34’’

War has no positive sides. The animation is observing the danger of war happening for a long time and how dangerous it is getting used to war.

I too played football as a child

Alexandros Lagkadinos | Greece | Fiction | 2022 | 01’00”

It’s summer. Kostis stands alone on a sandlot observing two other children playing football. He wants to play football and make new friends. Although, he doesn’t dare to ask them if he can play with them. Suddenly, the children’s ball falls into the stream and the game stops. But Kostis has a clever idea of how to help them continue their game.


Arevik d'Or | Belgium | Animation | 2022 | 03’28’’

The film opens with a man swimming against the flow of papers. The pages lead him to a story book that opens to unexpected spaces. A flight through human kind, through spiritual thoughts, through mystery and heaven. The journey ends in the tree of life, where people’s paths cross and where people meet. The end of the road is self recognition and liberation. Camino is a film about a mental transition, a path to inner calm. It’s an adventurous road that leads you from the past to the future, it gives you sound, images and unexpected encounters.