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TAF The Art Foundation Normanou 5, Monastiraki, Athens | Thursday, 22.06.2023 | 19:00 | Admission Free


Since 2015, Greece has been at the forefront of the refugee crisis. The media, EU institutions and politicians, all talk about a ‘crisis’ without offering much insight into the everyday experience of people on the ground. Instead of enabling change, the label of the ‘crisis’ has often led to a state of paralysis and ‘waiting’ for it to pass rather than of action and change. Compass Films collaboration with Balkan Can Kino offers 4 short films that depict four experiences of events and individuals on the Greek experience of working in the refugee field.

In the right place

 Sam van Zoest | Netherlands| Documentary | 2021 | 28’14’’

After leading a volunteer organisation at a refugee camp for three years, Bogdan returns to the mainland to start a new life.

Wall of shame

Michalis Katsouris | Greece | Documentary | 2021 | 30’00’’

Wall of shame is a participative/journalistic documentary. It takes as an excuse a violent attack towards a group of refugees on Lesvos island in 2018 in order to show the ”ugly truth” of Greek society.

Back to life

Alexia Tsouni| Greece | Documentary | 2021 | 30’00’

Athens, Holy Saturday 2020, first lockdown, but also first day of freedom for a severely abused woman. The true story of a 32-year-old woman, who managed to escape from her husband, with the help of another woman, and applied for asylum in Greece. We follow her from the morning, when her detention ends, to midnight, when she celebrates her “resurrection” with people of solidarity. We travel with her to her dark past, but also to her bright future. Her old wounds are revealed, but so are her new joys. Pain gives place to strength, and fear turns to hope. But what about her daughter?

I woke up 18

Vera Iona Papadopoulou | Greece | Documentary | 2022 | 13’16’’

Six children. Six unaccompanied children. One word marks a significant difference. Six people talk about life in the new country, Greece, a life that changes abruptly turning incredibly difficult at 18. Dreams, disillusionment, fear and hope of six young people.