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CHIMERES PITHADOROY 6, KOLONOS | 13.05.2022 | 20:30 | Admission Free


First open air screening this year with six short films presenting alternative realities.


Philippe Safire  | USA | 2021 | Animation |  6’ 42’’

In the Digital City, a socially and technologically advanced society, people enjoy access to vast freedoms and rapid economic growth. That is, until a woman reports a mysterious incident unnoticed among the flashing lights and strident sounds of the city. 

Jewish Fetish

Amir Ovadia Steklov | Germany | 2021 | Animation | 01’ 10’’ 

The border between racism and fetishism of middle eastern Jewish people in Germany.

The Boks

Ziyang Chen, Sishan Chen | China | 2020 | Animation | 16’ 35’’

If I ask you to give this box to someone you love, unopened, and you will be promised a lifetime of happiness, will you do it for me?


Pari Parks | USA | 2020 | Animation | 1’

Fishies are hanging out.

The Dogs

Mathi Mathos, Charlie Mars | France | 2020 | Animation | 12’ 13’’

Once upon a time there was a girl in the city. Past, present, future. Dogs everywhere. Love. Nothingness. Life goes by and cans remain on the ground.

The Demons of Dorothy

Alexis Langlois | France | 2021 | Fiction | 29’ 

Dorothy’s a film director and a bit of a loser… One night, fueled up on Heineken, she’s letting loose on her script when a call from her producer kills her buzz: enough with the queer comedies, it’s time to start making mainstream films. To avoid sinking to the deepest depths of despair, Dorothy seeks comfort in her favorite TV show Romy the Vampire Slayer. Unfortunately, her own demons show up…