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Pi – Centre of movements, solidarity & culture Kampouroglou 44, Patisia | 19.08.2022 | 21.00– 23:00 | Admission Free

Alternative lifestyles

Different ways of living, far away from the urban centres that swallow us.


Alexis Rummler | 2020 | Greece | Documentary | 30' 00"

A 24 hour journey with a family devoted to Hare Krishna. They are living in Greece, in Salamina which is a small island outside of Athens. The family lives in a unique way and they have reached a state of perfect happiness.


Klaudia Pashnjari | 2020 | Albania | Documentary | 09' 38"

Hippie life.

The Nature of Ayahuasca

Gavin Hoffman | 2019 | Ireland | Documentary | 58' 03"

Ayahuasca is a traditional plant medicine from the Amazon used to treat a variety of physical and psychology illnesses and conditions. This film explores the use of the Ayahausca as a holistic medicine, challenging stigmas around its use and helping people become more conscious and ethical consumers of the plant if that’s the path they choose.