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Pi – Centre of movements, solidarity & culture Kampouroglou 44, Patisia | 26.08.2022 | 21.00– 23:00 | Admission Free

Parallel Universe

Seven short documentaries takes us to an exploration to parallel realities.

Night Upon Kepler 452b

Ben Voit | 2019 | Germany | 14' 05"

Cold times, people are looking for a place to sleep. A car rambles through the night, to bring out of the dark, what could get lost in there. The film tries to grasp the perception of people who are constantly on the run, who can’t remember the last time they’ve slept in a real bed. The things we witness are turning into inner landscapes. Fragments of conversations become collective thoughts and somewhere in the distance, Kepler 452b is orbiting a sun that is warmer than ours. 

In the right place

Sam van Zoest | 2021 | Holland | 28' 14''

After leading a volunteer organization at a refugee camp for three years, Bogdan returns to the mainland to start a new life.

Dusty dream

Soleiman Rahimi | 2020 | Ιράν | 14' 49''

This is a documentary about the Traditional brick factory and families and even children whose lives and work are intertwined. 

Between Mountains and Mermaids

Bo Clausen | 2020 | Germany | 11' 02''

Surrounded by majestic landscapes, freediver Tolga Taskin plunges into the depths of the frozen lake Weissensee, in order to reach his goal of breaking a world record.


Samugjanov Abror | 2018 | Uzbekistan | 07' 05"

A lonely old man in the desert found his dream in his headphones.


Emil Ali | 2018 | Turkey | 11' 00"

In 1981 The Kurdilli Peninsula became an island as a result of the increase of the level of the Caspian Sea. Those who live in two villages of the peninsula leave the island over time. But for Vitaly the island becomes the last destination. He did not want to leave the land where he buried his father and mother, where he spent his childhood and youth. In 2014, everyone on the entire island left there. What was left was a large piece of land and Vitaly who had spent 66 years of life on the island. While “ADAM” Documentary focuses on the story of abandonment of Kurdilli Peninsula through Vitaly pronin’s eyes, it also portrays the lonely man’s memories and shared desires.

I wait

Adrián Díaz, Loreto Saiz | 2019 | Spain | 16' 15"

It has already been 40 years since the sahrawi population became refugees in Algeria because of the Moroccan occupation. While the POLISARIO government tries out to solve the conflict with institutional help, saharawi youngsters advocate for the option of an armed conflict. While they wait, cinema will be their only weapon.