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Ta Lelouda Averof 13, Victoria, Athens | 30.03.2023, 21:00 | Είσοδος Ελεύθερη


Is art an escape route, a dream, a life purpose and a way of accepting diversity? Three femininities express themselves through their art and invite us into their universe.

Victoria, 15

Mina Petrović | Serbia | Documentary | 2020 | 50’

Victoria (15) is a heavy metal drummer from Smederevo, a small town in Serbia. Her interests and ambitions reach their true potential when she expresses herself through Rock Camp for Girls in 2017. Even though she made many friends there, the Camp prepares a big surprise for her in summer of 2019, which results in an international collaboration abroad. After all that, she has to come back to her hometown because of the new school year, which leaves her a bit broken. But   the thoughts of her experience in Iceland give her motivation to continue with drumming, along with attending school and other regular activities in her hometown.


Daniele Kuncinaite | UK | Documentary | 2019 | 17’ 02’’

This short documentary tells a story about how Katya, a woman who experiences the condition called hemianopia, sees the world and puts her daily life in her paintings. While the film questions the viewer about seeing only half of the world it also shows how art helps to break the path into acceptance.

The boats of aunt Nelly

Natassa Iatropoulou | Greece | Documentary | 2019 | 12’ 30’’

The film is about my beloved aunt Nelly, my father’s sister. At the age of 82, Nelly runs a small workshop, where she handcrafts decorative boats from driftwood. Through her craft she revisits her life, revealing her great love of the sea, the ships, the journey. As she says “No matter what I ’d choose to study, I would still make something with my hands. It’s in my nature”.