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Ta Lelouda Averof 13, Victoria, Athens | 30.03.2023, 21:00 | Admission Free


Pink encounters strange friends, finds suitcases with long forgotten toys, blooms, and swirls around space. Pink embraces all colors and morphs into a transgalactic entity; nothing can stop its fight for the right to live and love life.

Now That Spring Is Here |

Christina-Kallirroi Garbi | Greece | Fiction | 2021 | 5’ 11”

On an urban beach, K. watches the sun rise. When an unusual visitor approaches her, her life will change forever. A movie without words about people who are constantly looking for something.

Inside the ark or all the things that are getting lost

Noemi Vasileiadou | Greece | Fiction | 2022 | 19’ 58”

For a while. As long as a biblical disaster lasts. As long as an endless storm lasts. Or as long as a game lasts. For a while they will stay there. In an ark of their own. The survivors. The heroes. Pieces of a history, which is always written by others. Until the water covers everything on earth, they try to remember the world they left behind and to plan the world which is coming. In a moment of transition. After the end. And just before the beginning.


Lia Tsalta | Greece | Fiction | 2022 | 17’ 37”

In a remote island on a distant planet, a strange creature is found washed ashore by a woman. 

Girls in flower

Konstanza Kapsali | Greece | Experimental Documentary | 2019 | 11’ 15”

Girls In Flower is an experimental short documentary, reminiscent of a handwritten note to self. Drawing upon Marcel Proust’s approach on memory, in his novel “In search of lost time” and entering the director’s own visual and sensory memories of her grandmothers, the film seeks to explore femininity in late adulthood. The title is a direct reference to Proust’s novel second volume “In the shadow of young girls in flower”

The End of Suffering (A Proposal)

Jacqueline Lentzou | Greece | Fiction | 2020 | 14’ 00"

Sofia is panicky, again. The Universe decides to contact her. An other-wordly dialogue. A planet symphony for Mars, where people dream awake and fight for love.