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TV CONTROL CENTER Kiprou 91A, 11364, Kipseli | 23.11.2022 | 22:00 | Admission Free | In collaboration with Fade Radio


Immerse yourself in a unique cinematic journey featuring a curated selection of contemporary silent films, with a live performance of sonic landscapes and textual excerpts. The synergy between the silent visuals and the pulsating rhythms of experimental music will transport you to a realm where emotions resonate with and without words, creating an unforgettable sensory experience that blends the analog with the digital.

Coated Spirits is a collective summoned under the [hauntological] influence of text-image-sound. It was co-founded by Yiannis I. Andronikidis and Evangelos Gkountonis in 2022, with the aim to explore the ‘hauntological affect’ of sound in film-making — its “sharp relief and shadowy manifestations” in audio~video~archival channels. The collective has been rehearsing the previous through a series of ‘sound autobiographies’ in Video Club (2022–), a radio program hosted at



Shan Leigh Pomeroy | Canada | Experimental Stop Motion | 2023 | 01’ 39’’

Working with year-old scraps and cutouts from abandoned school projects, T R A N S M I S S I O N uses the prompt “Quantum Love” to explore interdimensional (mis)communication, paranoia, xenophobia, and love becoming the shared language that can unite us all.


Milica Denkovic | Serbia | Experimental Stop Motion | 2022 | 01’ 00’’

Unspoken is a stop-motion animation video poetry work about distance, thoughts, and travel. Trying to combine unsaid (in terms of text and white space) with minimalistic and abstract geometric visuals. The film is inspired by suprematism, abstract art, Fluxus, haiku, and Hemmingway’s writing practices.

A fiction right after you wake up

Takahiro Ueno | Japan | Experimental | 2022 | 05’ 15’’

A fiction shaped by my dream diary and travel photos took by my friend. Dream is an image created by unconsciousness, another for consciousness. The world is full of others that are images to me. Although I can believe any incoherent fictions in my dream, I am gradually losing the sense of belief after I wake up. I wonder if we would wake up from reality, as the world is filled with numerous crazy fictions.

Fragile Works

Georgia Maria Papoutsi | Belgium/Greece | Experimental Super 8 | 2023 | 06’ 53’’

Negative / Positive Film

Federica Foglia | Italy | Experimental Super 8 | 2023 | 14’ 00’’

Negative/Positive Film is a hand-made, camera-less collage film composed of layers of erotic 16mm films from 1920s, 1940s and 1970s, intermingled with nature documentaries and layers of organic materials. This visual abstraction merges together both positive black-and-white film, and its negative black-and-white counterpart – on the same film base.

Sunshine Cake

Kristijonas Dirsė | Lithuania | Experimental | 2021 | 04’ 20’’

Sunshine Cake is a silent musical film, merging fiction and documentary, performance and storytelling, musical and cinematographic narrative expressions. The interdisciplinary nature of this project motivates its original goal – a perfect balance between the mediums.

Another Birth

Rose Ansari | iran | Experimental | 2022 | 08’ 07’’

Forough Farrokhzad (1934 – 1967) was the first Iranian poet to promote the culture of women in poetry. Expressing her thoughts on discrimination and inequality, Forough described Iranian women’s untold suffering. In a letter dated January 2, 1956, Forough wrote, “My wish is for Iranian women to be free and equal to men. I am fully aware that my sisters in this country suffer from men’s injustices, and I use half of my art to articulate their pain and anguish.”

My Coloring Book

Sara Jekely | USA | Experimental 16mm | 2022 | 02’ 14’’

A short 16mm experimental film where I paint the world like one would a coloring book.

Burnt Fox

Jaron Kuehmstedt, Kwan Lok Tung, Tse Hiu Yin, Wang Shuxin | Hong Kong | Animation / Experimental | 2023 | 03’ 10’’

Sounds turn into abstract images. This black and white abstract animation aims to visualize the underlying music track, enhancing it by adding a visual layer to the acoustic. A combination of mixed media materials and hand and digital drawing and animation are used to create a tightly connected audiovisual experience.

Gatita Acústica

John Coulter | USA | Animation / Experimental | 2023 | 02’ 23’’

The first ever animation made by a cat. Manuelita Buendiaz Jr. is a 14 year old diabetic cat that scratches into stencils to create unique art.

This is not a GIF

Jules Ronfard | Canada | Experimental | 2023 | 05’ 00’’

In the form of a video-poem, ”Ceci n’est pas un GIF” is a breach, a short object that questions our relationship to the real and digital world, to our physical presence on Earth.


Réka Bucsi | Hungary | Experimental | 2022 | 04’ 50’’

R​epetitive still standing movement​, an exploration of the visual image for its own sake.​ A projection of mental images, which are formed while listening to music. From the simple act of drawing a line, to the intricate movement and complex structure of animation that is able to self-generate.

Chamber of Shadows

Seyoung Ok | Republic of Korea | Animation / Experimental | 2023 | 11’ 20’

A stop-motion animation using photographs of the late 19th century photographer Eadweard Muybridge. transparent acrylic frame’s Different ratio metaphor materialized screens while also representing different screen ratios that vary with time and use.

Lil Sherbet

Xinhe Zhao | China | Animation / Experimental | 2023 | 03’ 00’’

“Lil Sherbet” is a hand drawn animation with 1352 paintings, every single one is a hymn to my body. As an Asian woman living in the U.S, I have always been struggling to gain the autonomy of my own body.My body is mine, but not all mine. It belongs to everyone who touched it, It’s a fountain for future lives that could exist, It’s a soft playground changing shapes at any moment, It’s an uncertainty that may collapse in a flash.


Bernardo Alevato, Taianne Oliveira | Brazil | Animation / Experimental | 2023 | 02’ 15’’

An experiment with time, form and movement in a generative dance film using AI and video.