For children of all ages. A showcase of short animated films | 08 Feb. 2020

balkan can kino kids animation ometeoritis

SATURDAY 08 Feb. 2020
at 18.00
O Meteoritis bookstore, Fokionos Negri 68, Kypseli, Athens

Balkan Can Kino presents at the independent bookstore O Meteoritis a selection of the best contemporary short animated films for kids of all ages, from all over the world. Each film excels in a different animation technique, they have no dialogue and are suitable for kids from 3 years old and up.

Free Entrance


1. Flo (2017)
Dir. Nora Marie Back
1’47’’ Germany

balkan can kino flo

Short story about a flea, who has to learn how to handle the food that is given to him, when he’s suddenly not alone anymore.

2. Skyscrapers (2017)
12’53’’ Switzerland

balkan can kino skyscrapers

Little by little two buildings rise in the sky; two billionaires helped by the most renowned architects in the world, both build their own skyscraper, always more luxurious and higher. But how high will they go?

3. Balance (2018)
Dir. Raymond Limantara Sutisna
3’38’’ Singapore

balkan can kino balance

“There isn’t enough room for the both of us.” Two painters battle out what space they have to paint in their own style.

4. Zoo Story (2015)
Dir. Veronika Zacharová
4’00’’ Czech Republic

balkan can kino zoo story

A short story about a curious girl, who is in the zoo with her mom. Eager to make friends, what plan will she devise upon meeting a lonely gorilla, her mother distracted by constant business calls?

5. Feedback (2016)
Dir. Filip & Ondrej Javora
6’30’’ Czech Republic

balkan can kino feedback

Feedback is a short animated student film by two directors. It’s a social satire by a genre and talks about the responsibility of an individual for his actions and the extend of the impact on others. The story of the film follows everyday routine of Ed. A completely normal person, living in an ordinary suburb with his ordinary family with an uninteresting employment at airport security. The movie shows with fair momentum and exaggeration that people like Ed do matter and how exactly can his ignorance and irresponsibility inflict considerable damage upon the world.

6. Blue (2017)
Dir. Maryam Farahzadi
4’00’’ United States

balkan can kino blue

Blue is a short film about the struggle of being different.

7. Floreana (2018)
Dir. Lou Morton
4’05’’ Denmark

balkan can kino floreana

On a remote island in the future, people are training for an important mission. Take a look at the mechanics of this training facility and the creatures within.

8. El Cuadro (2018)
Dir. Paola Bellato, Isabel Estruch, Sofia Ugarte, Leandro Aviles, Julian Villanueva
1’20’’ Argentina

balkan can kino cuadro

A backstage glance at one of the great mysteries of life will finally provide us with the answer we were looking for.

9. The Cherry Tree (2017)
Dir. Eva Dvořáková
5’30’’ Czech Republic

balkan can kino cherry tree

Cherry Tree the animated film shows the formation of a wall picture, which is forming itself and is living on its own. The film is about relationship between characters on the picture, but the picture itself remains fragile and can be affected by the real world. The film is based on exaggeration, surprise, and improvisation.

10. Oh Crow! Oh Crow! (2018)
Dir. Pierre Garcia-Rennes
9’14’’ Canada

balkan can kino crow

The crow thought the world was only darkness and shadows. But that was until a strange wind brought him a red feather, and his journey began.
Oh Crow! Oh Crow! is a Native American tale from the Oji-Cree, of the strange feeling of growing up and becoming yourself.

11. Grandmother (2017)
Dir. Roza Kolchagova
6’13’’ Bulgaria

balkan can kino grandmother

A house, a tree, a grandmother- somewhere far away. A film about the little things, a film about the things that we love. A story so close and authentic that makes us think: what do we lose in our permanently busy daily lives. And what do we sacrifice by moving to the big city, looking for a better life.

12. New Note (2016)
Dir. Léa Fabreguettes
2’44’’ Australia – France

balkan can kino new note

A tender vignette about adulthood and the realizations of a parent left with an empty nest.