Habitats. Online Film Festival | May 2020

Habitats Short Film Online Film Screenings

MAY 2020 
“HABITATS” – Online Film Festival

The coronavirus crisis is hitting everyone very hard at the moment. Most film festivals have postponed their editions, almost all shops have closed their doors and many people are stuck at home.

Under these difficult circumstances, Balkan Can Kino Film Festival has decided to continue its screenings in order to keep in touch with our friends and audience who have supported us warmly so far, by creating an online spring edition that will last until the quarantine period is over.


«Chasing Houses» (Justin time, 2017), May 7th-10th, 2020
Q&A May 10th at 19.00

«Into the Movement» (Lorenzo Melegari, 2019), 10-14/5
Q&A May 14th at 19.00

«PUMP» (Joseph David, 2016), 14-17/5
Q&A May 17th at 19.00

«The Fig House » (Pigi Kampouroglou, 2019), 17-21/5 //
Q&A May 21st at 19.00

*Q&A’s will be live-streamed on facebook.

A few words about the films:

Chasing Houses | Dir. Justin Time | 60′ | 2017 | Germany, USA

The experimental road movie enters the contradictory space between home and mobility. Through the vastness of the US American West, the film follows mobile homes on their journey from tear down to set up. A multitude of lifestyles and economic disparities unfolds in the fragmented encounters along the road: A real estate agent recounts her days as a Las Vegas showgirl, a haulier and Tea Party supporter explains capitalism, a desert recluse prefers his trailer to life in the city, and snowbird tourists take an extended vacation. Against the movie-like backdrop of Monument Valley, a Native American couple describes real-life conditions on the reservation.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/219601580

Into the movement | Dir. Lorenzo Melegari | 90′ | 2019 | Italy

The story focuses on a group of students who occupied a building belonging to the University of Parma in 2011 which had been abandoned for 20 years. A generation of young people without future feels under attack by the financial crisis and tries to react. In 7 years of occupation, we see young people set up many projects: Italian school for foreigners, free bike repair shop, anti-racist football team, creation of several cultural events. We see exciting images too: violent clashes with institutions, private companies, politicians, the police.
Artlab is a project of radical change of society.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/136635482

PUMP | Dir. Joseph David | 60′ | 2016 | France

Two men, Joseph David & Andrew Kôtting, two pairs of arms devoted to one activity: PUMPING. Perched at a height of eight meters above ground, the duo are actively engaged is propelling a strange contraption along a concrete viaduct. The remains of a test track for the Aerotrain, the monorail becomes the scene of a seven-day excursion during which both Sisyphii take up residence in a Mobile Accommodation Unit. Why are they pumping? We have no idea, and neither do they!

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/210840812

The Fig House | Dir. Pigi Kampouroglou | 102′ | 2019 | Greece

An underground Thessaloniki story in twelve chapters. The misadventures of ten friends and a cat, living for seven months in a squat in Greece. Activists and refugees, all together they come across the everyday troubles of living on the edge of society, while trying to reach Germany through the refugee’s Balkan Route.