International Women’s Day – Online BCK Film Festival March 2021 Edition

Balkan Can Kino celebrates International Women’s Day with two curations “Mighty Women” & “As a woman I have no country” that will be available and free of admission at our website, from the 12th to the 14th of March.We are very happy that we are able to showcase 12 short films that explore womanhood and deal with female characters who fight their demons and speak up against patriarchy and machismo. The films include documentary, narrative and animation. Eight are directed by female and four directed by male directors from Afghanistan, El Salvador, France, Germany, Greece, UK & Turkey.

MIGHTY WOMEN curated by Fotini Stefani 
*available  from Friday 21.00, 12.03.2021 to Sunday 21.00, 14.03.2021

Dir: Hugo Mata Parducci, Country: El Salvador, Dur: 15:55, Year of production: 2019
In El Salvador, an important theatrical movement is started in the country, where many women are leading part of this new wave in the performing arts. . This is the story of Yamileth, lights technician. Where she tells us her life; reflecting on the difficulties and their constant struggle so that their work is visible and respected. In an environment that historically – at least in El Salvador – has always been the exclusive domain of men.

ÚNICA trailer

Dir: Michele Pinto, Country: UK, Dur: 14:00, Year of production: 2018
After becoming the fastest woman to cross the Atlantic on a rowing boat solo, Elaine Hopley narrates her adventure by reliving the most intense moments she experienced on the water. After two months at sea, Elaine returns home to her family and she begins to prepare for an even greater challenge.

SOLO Trailer

Colors of Germiyan
Dir: Aziz Alaca, Country: Turkey, Dur: 28:30, Year of production: 2019
Germiyan village was just a road stop. Until the inhabitants decide to introduce their village by turning their homes into cafes. Nuran’s story begins with the unvarnished chairs she orders for her cafe. She paints her own chairs. Then the walls. The village blooms as she paints and it flourishes all-round. 

Colors of Germiyan Trailer

The Weaver
Dir: Mohammad Ayreek, Country: Afghanistan, Dur: 30:00, Year of production: 2019
Faheema Eissar is one of these girls who started to weave carpet when she was seven years old during the Taliban regime due to the hard economic situation. Faheema’s family immigrated to Iran and Pakistan, twice, but none of these trips stopped her from weaving carpets. She has worked the entire time in Pakistan and Iran. Faheema worked around 16 hours a day and this paralyzed her legs for a while. She fought leg pain ever since, but even that didn’t spare her from weaving carpets.

AS A WOMAN I HAVE NO COUNTRY curated by Dimitra Mitsaki
*available from Friday 21.00, 12.03.2021 to Sunday 21.00, 14.03.2021

Directed Eftychia Maria Kondyli | 01:31 | Greece | 2020
“-opsia” is an experimental student art film created within the Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Arts in Digital Age at Ionian University. The film is an effort to approach and understand the perception of image.

Directed by Rebecca Culverhouse | 03:38 | UK | 2020
#eatpretty is an experimental horror short that explores the link between social media, isolation and eating disorders.

Directed by Aphrodite Pardalogianni & Andreas Makris | 11:54 | Greece | 2020
In the heart of an idyllic garden, a modern young Demetra finds her beloved little Persephone. But the roots of this lush, dreamy world grow deeper than they seem.

Directed by Muriel Montini | 4:00 | France | 2020
Words kill again and again.

Directed by Alexia Tsouni | 6’25 | Greece | 2020
During the COVID-19 quarantine, an immigrant woman, along with her minor children and witnesses, resorts to the Police Station to report domestic violence. She is expelled, under the pretext, among others, of the coronavirus. A true story, unfortunately, which happened in Athens in March 2020. Fortunately, solidarity had the last word.

Directed by Elena Riznychenko | 1:42 | UK | 2020
A short animated film about domestic violence to break a cyclical nature of abuse and tolerant attitude towards victims.

Endless Pain
Directed by Natalie Lehnart | 12:30 | Germany Animation
Julie tells the story about her fight with endometriosis, that she has been fighting since her childhood. Her painful memories are accompanied by animated scenes of her experiences.

Athina Georgia Koumela | 5′ | Greece | 2020
Using inspiration from “Blood Wedding” by F.G. Lorca, this is my attempt to visualize the lullaby sung by the mother-in-law and the wife of Leonardo to their son, which foresees the disaster that is about to happen.

Press: Athinorama