Into the lives of Kids and Teens. Short film selection | 21 Jul. 2020

Balkan Can Kino presents Into the lives of kids and teens at Geppetto Art Lab

TUESDAY 21 Jul. 2020
at 21.00
Geppetto Art Lab, Rethymno, Crete

Balkan Can Kino in collaboration with Geppetto art lab organizes an open-air screening presenting five coming-of-age short documentaries from France, Ukraine, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, that depict the challenges of everyday life and the hardships faced by young children and adolescents in different social contexts.

All documentaries will be screened in their original language with English subtitles.

Free entrance.

Balkan Can Kino Into the lives of Kids and Teens


1. Amour(s) | Dir: Mathilde Chavanne | Dur.: 31:38 | France

This is the story of a grownup who will look for answers in the words of children and in their imagination.

2. The view from the window | Dir: Anna Korzh | Dur. 18:18 | Ukraine

Ruslana is a Ukrainian teenager in anticipation of a desirable and unattainable maturity. She wears baggy shirts, ripped
jeans, a cap and a pair of her only sneakers. She doesn’t like to join to the rules of the street, but likes to create them herself. She explores the outer world with contagious energy, the world where so many are interesting and unfamiliar, where there are so many dangers.

3. Hard Learning | Dir: Daniel Fortin | Dur. 06:51 | Canada

With no secondary school in her community, Grade 9 student Miranda, a native American, must leave her family and home behind in order to pursue a high school education.


4. Sarevo | Dir. Mohammad Abdollahi | Dur. 29:00 | Iran

Saeed and Abdullah are two rural teenagers who have decided to revive a camel farm in their area. The two borderline teenagers living near the Afghan border near the Loot Desert and the lagoon are trying to get a job and income by nature so they can prevent migration and help Baluch peace and solidarity. The film features part of the daily life of people in the village and camels, as well as the customs of Baluchi marriage. The purpose of this documentary is to show the efforts and solidarity of two peoples who strive to improve their lives by removing divergent ideologies.

5. No Father | Dir. Hasan Raza Khan | Dur. 16:00 | Pakistan – Afghanistan

It focuses on the children of the victims of attacks on the Hazara Community. One of the many unfortunate victims of the barbaric acts perpetrated on this community was little Dawood, who doesn’t speak much since the incident took place. The film shows the trauma that develops in these children, which is worse than the trauma associated with any other crime, since they don’t even know their fault in this case. The film fills you with grief and despair over the plight of Hazara Community, especially when a father plays the last audio message of his family, who were all killed in a terrorist attack on the community some years ago.