Into the movement | Fundraising event & film screening | 12 Sep. 2020

dentro il collettivo BCK Empros

SATURDAY 12 Sep. 2020
at 19.00-00.00
Empros Theater, Riga Palamidou 2, Athens

The 3rd BCK Film Symposium is around the corner and it focuses on the Balkans: the area, its culture and its art scene. The BCKFS will take place in various venues in different neighborhoods of Athens (Metaxourgeio, Exarcheia, Kypseli, Neapoli, Pagrati) between October 9th and 18th, 2020 and will include documentary screenings organized by Balkan Can Kino and invited fellow organizations, workshops on curating and writing, film selections by invited independent curators and film festivals, BCK-curated programs, a 3-day special event of screenings and lectures on memory and walkabout in the wounded landscape of the Balkans, as well as a photo exhibition of works that reflect on the present and the history of the area.

The evening at Empros Theater, that will feature a screening of Lorenzo Melegari’s documentary ‘Into the Movement’ and a live session by Andern, is part of the Symposium as a pre-festival event. The funds raised during the evening will help cover the costs of the 3rd BCKFS.

Free entrance to the screening. Donations are welcome

dir. Lorenzo Melegari
90′, Italy, 2020

The story is about the occupied Artlab, a social centre in Parma. It focuses on a group of students who occupied a building belonging to the University of Parma in 2011 which had been abandoned for 20 years. A generation of young people without a future feels under attack by the financial crisis and tries to react. In 7 years of occupation, we see young people set up many projects: Italian school for foreigners, free bike repair shop, anti-racist football team, creation of several cultural events. We see exciting images too: violent clashes with institutions, private companies, politicians, the police.


An interview with the director about the movie (greek)


After the screening there will be live music

ANDERN – Nomad Sessions

Visuals by @Fish Lily


All proceeds of the event will go to the organisation of the 3rd BCK Film Symposium