Monsters in movies. Animated short films | 10 May 2019

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Friday 10 May 2019
at 20.30
Communitism, Keramikou 28, Athens

“Monsters in movies are us, always us, one way or the other. “
John Carpenter, 2011, Interview to the Buenos Aires Herald

BCKFF | Edition 2019 presents 9 international and contemporary animated films, with stories that set in dystopias, flooded cities, dollhouses and remote islands.

Free Entrance


1.Dollhouse (16’)
Dir. Xenophon Tsoumas
France, 2016

Two children imagine a different world inside a dollhouse.

2. Hammer down (3’)
Dir. Dan Pasto
USA, 2006

Two employees endure another late night on the job in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. It’s a supremely dirty job but it’s a living.

3. Floreana (4’)
Dir. Louis Morton
Denmark, 2018

On a remote island in the future, people are training for an important mission.

4. The Juggler (11’)
Dir. Skirmanta Jakaitė
Lithuania, 2017

We live in the same house, but in different apartments, jobs, situations, beliefs, visions.

5. Flood (10’)
Dir. Malte Stein
2018, Germany

A dirty lake bursts its banks and begins to flood the town. At last there’s a good reason to keep the son at home.

6. Oh Crow! Oh Crow! (9’)
Dir. Pierre Garcia-Rennes
2018, Canada

The crow thought the world was only darkness and shadows.
But that was until a strange wind brought him a red feather.

7. The Big-Headed Boy (9’)
Directed by a collective of young people oriented by Nelson Fernandes
Portugal, 2015

A big-headed little boy is being bullied. At night, with the howl of a wolf, he finds a solution for his problem.

8. (8’)
Σκην. / Dir. Diego Cumplido
Χιλή / Chile, 2014

Αn alternative version of the Internet, possibly from another dimension.

9. [O] (7’)
Dir. Mario Radev, Chiara Sgatti
UK, 2017

Α film that imitates nature in its manner of operation.