Pain, pleasure and death. Animated short films | 18 May 2019

balkan can kino pain pleasure and death communitism

SATURDAY 18 May 2019
at 20.30
Communitism, Keramikou 28, Athens

“Pain, pleasure, and death are no more than a process for existence. The revolutionary struggle in this process is a doorway open to intelligence.” – Frida Kahlo

BCKFF | Edition 2019 presents 7 international and contemporary animated films presenting stories of women’s life, sexuality and abusive relationships.

Free Entrance


1.Wolves at night (1’)
Fernanda Serradourada
Brazil, 2019

An abusive relationship, a dark night, a crime, a silence, and a memory. A woman is awakened in the middle of the night by her boyfriend but in a strange way.

2. Betti (5’)
Zsuzsanna Ács
Hungary, 2018

The film presents an interview with animation. Betti tells us her reflections on the last 25-30 years’ events related to cabbing. The topics include the negative stereotypes people attribute to taxi drivers, the ’90s blockade, the demonstrations against Uber, and her role in these events. Because she always had a role in them and always will.

3. Her head (7’)
Emma Louhivuori
Finland, 2019

A woman’s life is difficult, because her head is a cat.

4. Astrale (12’)
Bérénice Motais de Narbonne
France, 2017

13-year old Magda has a special ability: at night, she uses astral projection to explore her inner, secret world.

5. Jack the Ripper then and now (2’)
Haemin Ko UK, 2019

In our film, we explore the abusive power that men exert over women — on their bodies and their minds — as perceived through the foggy lens of time. The past and the present are
overlaid in order to challenge the illusion which separates them. The present is already past.
The past is always present.

6. Red hands (30’)
Francesco Filippi
Italy, 2019

Ernest (12) is a smart but also hyper-protected and lonely boy. One day he discovers some wonderful red wall drawings, made by Moon (14), a mysterious girl who has the magic power to produce a vivid red color from her hands. But behind her gift there is a painful and dangerous situation.

7. Little Cosmic shore (4’)
Pavel Kungurov
Russia, 2019

A spaceship lands on a lonely island. The pilot and his toddler go out of it. The pilot is trying to find signs of life, while the child walks around the island.