Surviving the Greek Crisis. Short documentaries | 13 Dec. 2019

Balkan Can Kino surviving the greek crisis Kino 28 communitism

FRIDAY 13 Dec. 2019
at 20.00 – 21.00
KINO 28, Communitism building, Keramikou 28, Athens

Free Entrance


1. New era

A documentary about the shadow theatre and its struggle through the years of crisis. How the modern puppeteers initiate the old art of shadow theatre, attempting to support their profession in the field of entertainment, reflecting technology and the digital age.

Director: Peggy Zouti
Runtime: 11.34

2. Returning Home

After getting college degrees and masters degrees, four Greek siblings, decide to give up life in the city, and return to their home in a 150-people village 3,5 hours from Athens, in order to focus on farming. The 8-year-old economic crisis in Greece still
means that there are few jobs for your Greeks with degrees. The only option for the four siblings was to work as waiters and party-clowns. Now, five years into developing their own olive oil brand, they are exporting it to the United States, Canada, and even Japan. They are also offering agro tourism and fight for the preservation of the Kalamata olive brand name. This is a video-letter of how life in the village is for them, as farmers raising their children.

Director: Nikolia Apostolou
Runtime: 13:04

3. Evripidou 14

At 14 Evripidou Street in the centre of Athens, Mr. Costas and Mrs. Sofia open the doors to their Shelter, where homeless people have a chance to eat a cooked meal, take a shower, wash their clothes, and find themselves in a welcoming environment, significantly different from their daily reality.

Director: Michael Demetrius
Runtime: 16’