The F*Word returns for a second year, and in the context of #4BCKFS, presents the 3-day installation The F* Word: SCREENS IN LOOP  in Zoetrope, Athens, from Tuesday, 12th of October to Thursday 14th of October 2021.

 In addition, each evening at 20.00, a special #4BCKFS screening will take place. On Tuesday 12th of October, there will be a retrospective of Susu Laroche’s work with the filmmaker attending the screening for a Q&A with the audience, curated by Pugnant Film Series.  On Wednesday, 13th of October, we will present a co-curated short film programme from the British Council and BCK, showcasing five short films made in the UK. Last, on Thursday, 14th of October, we will present the curated short film programme by Flavia Dima, “Female Waves: Romanian Experimental”, with the filmmaker Teona Galgoțiu attending the event.

 The installation will run from 17.00 to 20.00 each day. Both the installation and all the screenings that follow are admission-free, but due to limited space, the audience needs to pre-book a seat for the screenings by sending an email to 

 The F*Word is a BCK initiative and aims to create a chain of emerging female* filmmakers. Last year, in the frame of #3BCKFS, 12 emerging Balkan female filmmakers and academics, from 7 countries of the wider Balkan region, during a 4-hour online roundtable, discussed the representations of gender, female body politics, work environments, wages and job opportunities. The audience had the chance to watch 3 min. excerpts of the roundtable participants’ work, alongside a written Q&A. More info here:

*including any social background, ethnicity/nationality, race, sexual orientation, language, cultural characteristics, gender identity, religion, legal status, etc


SCREEN 1 | Greek & International Video Art vol.1 | 40’

SCREEN 2 | Greek & International Video Art vol.2 | 37’

SCREEN 3 | Greek & International Animation | 34

SCREEN 4 | Greek & International Archive Films | 44’

“I Contain a Space” by Andrea Gudiño | Mexico, 2021| 03’
Ophelia by Meike Redeker | Germany, 2020 | 08’
L’Arrière-Pays | Federica Foglia | Canada, 2020 | 06’
UNCOVERED: All Cunts Are Beautiful | Gio Formenti | Brazil, 2020 | 04’39’’
SUMMER HOLIDAYS | Natasa Roustani | Greece, 2021 | 06’55’’
Orphans of sleep | Chiara Rigione | Italy, 2020 | 08’45’’

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