Women’s History Month 2019. Short documentary selection | 30 Mar. 2019

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SATURDAY 30 Mar. 2019
at 20.00
Communitism, Keramikou 28, Athens

Sex-workers, trans women, drag queens and performers discuss about the female body and different femininities.

All documentaries will be screened in original language with English subtitles.

Free entrance.


1. Rita (20’50”)
Dir.: George Danopoulos
Greece, 2018

Rita, an old-school sex worker in Athens, talks about facts and aspects of her life and character. With her soft adorable voice she escorts an acute variety of images while wandering inside the whorehouses showing us the abrasive and strident world of the brothels in Athens.

2. Nereida (23’38”)
Dir.: Sabrina Muhate
Spain, 2018

Nereida is a 50 year old transsexual woman who had to leave her country of origin Ecuador because of the discrimination she suffered. She now works in the notorious Desengaño Street in Madrid, where she prostitutes herself to earn a living.

3. Suicidrag (9’48”)
Dir.: Andrea Perez Su
Mexico, 2018

The mexican group of drag queens Suicidrag streak the streets and nightclubs of Mexico City to raise awareness about the gender stereotypes imposed by consumer society.

4. Va-Bene (10’00”)
Dir.: Brenda Jorde
Germany, 2018

Va-Bene does performance art and critics Ghanaian conventions that don‘t leave space for anything out of the common definitions. The inspiring portrait focusses on his life performance. He dresses in a feminine way to challenge the Ghanaian way of looking at various bodies. He proves that you don‘t have to feel oppressed yourself to fight for tolerance and humanity.

5. Sex Tapes: Lessons from a 7ft Penis & Friends (8’52”)
Dir.: Tamara Scerbak
Canada, 2018

“My big dick, my big vagina, my big asshole give me superpowers!” – Norman Nawrocki
Told through a mixture of archives, animation and musical numbers, this film chronicles the 20+ year career of Canadian underground star activist/performer Norman Nawrocki and his wide array of colourful characters such as a singing and dancing 7ft tall purple penis, giant orange butt plug and giant pink vagina. He and his characters have been combating sexism and homophobia while advocating for a healthy sex life through humorous and educational cabaret shows even in the face of danger.